Part One: Things You Need to Know Before Your First House Flip.

Part One: Things You Need to Know Before Your First House Flip.


Think of your successful investment property as a whole, and try to picture it as a wound-up, moving clock with numerous gears that fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. When all the gears fit perfectly together, and the clock is wound with a proper key,  the second-hand will tick and allow us to read the time upon its face.

Similarly, the steps required to successfully flip your house are crucial and are integral parts of each other. 

Details and commitment: the big picture of flipping your first property.

Imagine your rehabbed property as such a clock. In order to achieve a working product, there are many parts you must maintain and understand. Mainly:

  1. Staying committed
  2. Educating yourself
  3. Proper funding
  4. Perseverance

Here we will break down these key points so the gears of your clock will not only be up-and-running, but flawless while Sherman Bridge serves as your key. Whether or not you are considering to be a landlord or want to put some extra savings away for your retirement, real estate investing can be the end-all-be-all to your financial goals.

1. Commit to your flip, and get on your way.

It’s common knowledge you need to commit to the cause before you give your best effort. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of your first investment, lose sight of your goal, then run out of steam. This is why staying committed is the first vital step on your investment journey.


It’s essential that your diligence and commitment to the big picture is in every area of your investment process. Follow through: put forth your best effort when researching your perfect property; focus on putting things in order, and keeping it that way; learn everything you need to know on the subject of real estate investment and cover all the bases, all-the-while your polished dedication works to keep your finished product in sight.

2. Learn all of the ins and outs of your property investment.

Educating yourself is the next crucial step for you to have a successful first flip. If you don’t educate yourself about what you need to know beforehand, your efforts, time, and all-important money will be wasted.

Understanding the math involved is understandably important, since the numbers involved are what determine how much you should invest, and how much you can expect as ROI. However, it’s not just about math; there are calculators, apps, and other resources that can help you crunch the numbers. Instead, focus your effort to an overall education and become an expert on all the real estate investment basics.

Research the neighborhood that is most desirable for new renters and homebuyers. Likewise, schools, commute distances, hospitals, parks, and local attractions are also significant areas to note. Many areas are practically bursting at their seams from population growth and are promising only to grow more in the future. With the right research, connections, and resources, you can come to understand the neighborhood and narrow down your search for potential property.

Every market is different, so it’s important to address fundamental questions to maintain a good handle on your chosen market. Once you have a handle on the locality of your location, you can comfortably assess what resources you’ll have available, and how much funding you will need.


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