Four Online Toolkits Every Investor Should Know About.

Most investors these days look online for helpful resources. But what sites have the best online tools?

You probably already know that investing in real estate requires quite a lot of legwork, and, naturally, the more work you put into your investment endeavor, the more you’ll get out. So, when it comes to online resources that will help you succeed, what sites have the best tools for investors?

Look no further! This list names the top four toolkits for real estate investors, and will provide you the best resources, tools, and support in one place. Whether you’re a rehabber, landlord, wholesaler, a professional investor, or a beginner, these links can be a great investment partner and go-to guide.

Four websites that have great tools for real estate investors.


1) Sherman Bridge University

Of course, we have to include ourselves in this list of investor toolkits. At Sherman Bridge, we have worked hard to develop resources and tools to be an all-around better supplier of low-rate financing for investors. Our one-stop shop at Sherman Bridge University has been meticulously designed to provide investors with all the guides, calculators, and checklists they need most.

At SBU, you have a great selection of resources to help you look before you leap. All of our cutting-edge tools are free, and with them, you can answer all your questions before you even begin. Preview your personal loan rate, term, and point structure with our 30-second Rate Calculator. Once you crunch the numbers, you can use the Loan Comparison Calculator to compare Sherman Bridge side-by-side with other top loan products on the market. Also available are resources for you to calculate your net worth and credit score, request a draw, submit a fast-track application, understand the ins and outs of hard money loans, and much more!

Also, brand new to the users of SBU is the Sherman Bridge iFinance app. This new piece of Sherman Bridge technology was designed for iPhone and Android, and is a perfect resource for the investor who’s on-the-go. The iFinance app is a free source for savvy investment no matter where you are. Through the use of advanced algorithms, our best resources have been brought from the reaches of the world wide web right to your fingertips.


2) Investor Resource Center

The New Western Acquisitions Investor Resource Center is another great platform that hosts an extensive collection of resources, calculators, guides, and checklists for investors. 

At the IRC, you can start building your portfolio by searching deep discount properties in your area, then discover the steps to make the right decisions to protect your investments. Also, new to the Investor Resource Center, is the New Western Comp System. With this market-revolutionizing tool, you can get live MLS data on potential investment properties, generate CMA reports, or instantly view sold and leased comps.

Whether you plan to hold or flip your property, with the New Western Comp System, you can compare the potential outcomes of strategies that use cash, bridge loans, or conventional loans and weigh your options. Investors are also granted the opportunity to access these comps on-the-go. Through the Investor App, users can access the comp engine on their smartphones, anywhere, in real-time. This provides users with an advantage since this comprehensive information can be viewed instantly during critical decision-making moments such as real estate auctions or showings.

The advantage of the system, as opposed to pulling a Zillow report or using a realtor, is that users have a full range of abilities that yield more accurate results and expand on the items that investors need to know to make the best decision. Users can customize specific target locations and even select as many properties as they wish to review.


3) BiggerPockets

The guides and blogs at BiggerPockets are renowned for being a great resource for investors. BiggerPockets is a social network that provides engagement with other investors to grow your knowledge, skills, and confidence. The user forums on BiggerPockets provide a platform to ask or answer questions involving real estate and cover all the topics you care about most. Ask other investors your most pressing questions; seek advice on your investment strategy; reference the blog posts for in-depth articles written by actual investors who are successful and professionals in their field.

Don’t have the time to read the articles? No problem. BiggerPockets even provides quality podcaststhat are delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis. So, now you can keep learning on your commute, at the gym, or on-the-go. The site also offers many landlord and rehabbing resources, interviews, and even a comprehensive glossary that defines some of the trickier real estate terminologies.


4) LiveLovely Pro

If you’re a landlord, then you are familiar with the heavy workload that comes along with it. With LiveLovely Pro, you can list your property, track tenant records, and manage your rent payments all in one easy-to-use portal. Through the integrated feature Rentmatic, your tenants can quickly pay rent online. These payments are sent straight to your bank account, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with bounced checks or cashing money orders.

The Pro version of LiveLovely does cost a small fee, but the site’s benefits far outweigh the charge. On both sides of the spectrum, LiveLovely Pro combines real-time data and innovative tools to help renters find their future home, and this includes your listing. You can post your rental quickly and easily, and highlight the key points of your property, while renter profiles let you connect with tenants who can share their living requirements and financial details up front. This feature helps the tedious process of screening for your future renter no hassle at all.

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