Keep Investment Power in Your Pocket with Our iFinance App!

iFinance Real Estate Investing App

We at Sherman Bridge understand all the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful in real estate investment. Now, to help investors make more informed decisions, we are expanding our technology to include a new financing platform. With that said, we proudly announce the release of the Sherman Bridge Lending iFinance smartphone app for Apple and Android!

The smartphone app that brings investment resources to your fingertips.  

With such innovative technology, Sherman Bridge is set to develop the tech involved with the real estate market, while assisting investors to achieve their financial goals. So far, Sherman Bridge has already been offering investors revolutionary tools on our website, and with the release of the app, we hope to bring our borrowers a perfect all-in-one resource.

The app offers investors all the tools they need to make the best-informed decisions and get the most out of their money. Users are invited to take advantage of easy access to calculators, checklists, and guides to aid in their investment journey.

With such tools, investors can complete the entire lending process on-the-go. The easy-to-use platform provides access to the critical components of real estate investment financing. With it, investors can search, compare, apply, and acquire a loan in seconds! At the same time, the app also provides users with some of the time-tested favorite tools that are currently found at Sherman Bridge University. Such tools can be used to calculate your cash flow, see your credit score, figure out your net worth, and compare market-leading loan products with those offered by Sherman Bridge.

Free and fast, Sherman Bridge iFinance tells you all the facts before you borrow.

The iFinance app is designed to be a one-stop source for investors of all levels. With it, borrowers can fill out a pre-qualification application, request a draw, or immediately get in touch with a Sherman Bridge associate. Also, as new product offers become available, via the iFinance app, Sherman Bridge will be able to instantly contact customers and inform them of the new opportunity.

This free app is available for iOS systems as well as Android, and all borrowers, whether they are new or established, are encouraged to take part. With it, you can mark off another completed task on your investment checklists; you’re well on your way to the finish line.

If there is a foolproof way to make sure you are making the best possible decision, why wouldn’t you take advantage? Get the details on the new app from Sherman Bridge, or download it free from the app store!


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