Interview with an Investor: Beth Kahlich, the Woman Who Does It All.

Life is demanding for a woman, and the fact we must balance some of the most daunting of to-do lists is nothing short of impressive. In addition to our wants and desires, we must juggle our careers, our marriages, our families, and our finances. Life demands us to stay atop our ambitions while maintaining our health; […]

Get Your Investment Financing in Order. What Tools Do You Need?

In today’s fast-paced and modern age, we all have tools and tech that make our lives a little bit easier. Today’s technology provides a fast and easy way to monitor your social network, so why should resources and tools for real estate investment be any different? As a real estate investor, you need the right tools to […]

Choose the Right Tenant, This Landlord Guide Will Help You.

When you are a landlord, there aren’t many things worse than getting stuck with tenants that make your job a lot more difficult. There are lots of steps that can be taken before you make a final decision regarding your tenants, but, unfortunately, the work involved can become overwhelming. Avoid the confusion, and make sure you don’t leave […]

Women Investors are Taking Over, and We Want to Help Them!

Wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters are placing themselves proudly in the professional world of real estate investment, and they are winning. With strong data to support the success of women investors, Sherman Bridge has even more resources to offer. Soon, nothing can stop women investors from taking over the market! Move over men, women investors are here […]