Exceptional Investor, Mother, and Mentor Awarded Special Honor by Sherman Bridge.

Exceptional Investor, Mother, and Mentor Awarded Special Honor by Sherman Bridge.

Sherman Bridge Grants Special Award to ”Invest in Women Contest” Nominee Investor Nora Rozin granted special recognition, given unanticipated honorable mention award.

In response to overwhelming data that reflects a male-dominated housing market, Sherman Bridge Lending launched a progressive campaign to empower women investors and celebrate them as professional, successful businesswomen. The “Taste of the Good Life Women Investor Contest” attracted so many amazing submissions that, despite having already chosen a Grand Prize winner, Sherman Bridge decided that one particular investor, Nora Rozin, deserved special recognition.

Sherman Bridge Grants Special Award to ”Invest in Women Contest” Nominee

Investor Nora Rozin granted special recognition, given unanticipated honorable mention award.

As a self-proclaimed “corporate refugee,” Nora decided to leave a management position to be a stay-at-home mother to her young children. Not long after that, she decided to start investing in real estate. Nora has been an investor for fifteen years and has personally mentored others who were testing the waters of real estate investing or own property.While talking to others about real estate, she points out the importance of deciding what business you want to pursue. Professionals realize the importance of this, because focusing on a particular niche enables the investor to develop expertise and credibility. 


“I love being a landlord,” Nora explained. “My bread and butter business is buying rental property and managing for the long term. Financially, my business has done pretty well. Real estate has infinite possibilities,” she said, referring to the seemingly never-ending potential of investment strategies. Nora explained how she tested the waters in many areas of real estate: vacation rentals, flipping lake lots, rehabbing houses, lease-purchase sales, private money mortgages before, finally, she found her calling as a landlord.


“The first deal is the hardest,” Nora advised. “But, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Also, remember that time heals all wounds.If your time horizon is long enough, you can survive any mistake or market correction. The most important thing is to be honorable and stay in the game for a long time. Through your business, you will build long-term relationships with like-minded people, and this can lead to a very rewarding and career and lifestyle.”


It is this long-term ambition and honorable approach that resulted in the unanimous decision of the contest judges to grant Nora Rozin this special recognition. The generosity and kindness she shows to her tenants speak volumes of her character.

A head for business. A heart for those in need.

Nora witnessed many of her tenants face significant hardships.There were those who were inflicted extensive damage by the Recession and were still reeling in its aftermath; those who do not have the luxury of protection from life’s risks; those dealt with life’s blows of financial hardship, were economically insecure, and about to lose everything.

“I saw single moms working several jobs to keep it together, elderly folks, and blended families raising their kids,” she recalled. She describes her tenants as genuine, good-hearted people, but were often the ‘last hired first fired,’ and all too often did she recognize the struggles of real people who were just trying to make ends meet.

“I am deeply grateful for the residents I have known and the life lessons they have shared,” she said. “One of the best lessons was regarding prudent charity.”

Nora respected her tenants, realized their hardships, and understands they were, at times, financially vulnerable. On occasion, when a long term tenant cannot pay rent, she will anonymously contact a local charity and pay it for them. Nora says that kindness such as this is also good business since she retains a good resident for the long term while avoiding vacancy/turnkey expenses.

It is this empathy and understanding that led her to stand behind those who needed help. She would go out of her way to lend residents a little charity to help make ends meet, and she never claimed credit for her good deeds. Instead, her selfless acts of support, those that made such significant impact on someone’s life, and, at the same time, were strictly made in anonymity.

“It is tremendously fulfilling to know I have made a significant impact on someone’s life,” she said. “We have the ability to truly affect others in a powerful way.”

Mentor and mother, leading by example for a bright future.

Nora Rozin is a walking, talking, living lesson in compassion and generosity, and, by example, she has instilled such valuable morals to her children. “Being a good landlord is good for business, but it is also good for parenting,” she said. “My kids learned so much and benefited from seeing the complicated situations some residents face. When I share some of these people’s stories with my two daughters, I have been able to teach them a lot more about life than when I was a corporate employee.”

Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, affordable home, and it should be possible for hard-working, good people to be granted a bit of charity. Nora is a committed and humble leader. Her goodwill is not done for recognition, but for the tangible difference it makes in the lives of the tenants she considers her “business partners.”

An honor well-deserved.

The goal of the “Taste of the Good Life Contest” was to reward and celebrate female investors who embody the spirit of the “Invest in Women” campaign by Sherman Bridge. Nora’s professional achievements are absolutely impressive, and she has masterfully recognized good and honorable business tactics. However, it is her character, compassion, and readiness to lead by example that sets her apart.

“They who wished to secure the good of others, 
Has already secured their own.”

– Confucius

For being such a shining symbol to your daughters, and an inspiration to all those you mentor, we would like to recognize Nora Rozin with a special honor. Your business success and ambition is admirable, but most of all, your virtuous behavior and invaluable kindness earns you Distinguished Merit Award.

Congratulations, Nora!

Nora proves it, women have what it takes to successfuly invest.

Did you know, nationwide studies show that men invest in real estate five-times more than women do? Yet, even with such prevalence in the market, men reportedly earn ROI’s that are a whole percentage point less than females.

Yet, women investors have more success and make higher returns than men, and the data proves it. Here at Sherman Bridge, we are celebrating the accomplishments of women investors and want to be a force behind their inspiration to become independent, successful investors.

These educational tools have been designed to help you make a name for themselves in today’s market. It’s time to unlock your unlimited potential, and here are the tools to help you get there. 

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