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Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans, also known as private loans, rehab loans, bridge loans and construction loans, are a form of real estate investment financing available to purchase and repair a property. Hard money loans do not follow conventional standards that are required by banks or mortgage brokers, which allows you to obtain maximum leverage for a distressed property as well as to obtain funding for repairs.



A landlord loan or rental property loan is a three-step loan process available to those looking to rent out their real estate investment property.You can get a hard money or rehab loan to fund the property plus repair cost. Once repairs are complete the property is refinanced with potentially no money out of pocket.



Sherman Bridge is proud to originate loans for brokers with our new broker program. When you become a broker with Sherman Bridge, you are offered an opportunity to represent one of the best lenders for real estate investors. Work side-by-side with Sherman Bridge and supply borrowers with excellent, low-interest loans for their investments.

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