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Reasons to Become a Landlord

A guide to owning a successful rental property

How to Spot a LoanShark

A checklist for keeping you and your investments safe.

Avenues to Acquisitions

A guide to finding profitable investment properties.

Loan Comparison Calculator

Compare hard money loans to get the best deal possible.

Net Worth Calculator

Determine your net worth in seconds with this easy algorithm.

Credit Score Calculator

Estimate your credit score without a hard inquiry.

Property Rehab Checklist

A checklist to keep tabs on property rehab expenses

Top Apps For Investors

Our list of recommended apps for real estate investors

Understanding Hard Money

A guide for understanding the basics of hard money loans

Cash Flow Calculator

See what your current cash flow is with this easy to use calculator.

Debt v.s. Invest Calculator

Determine whether you should pay down your debt or invest your surplus.

Fix your credit with our friends at

Women's Investment Toolkit

A toolkit for women to reach their full potential as investors.

Top Markets for REI

Here's data on the top 10 housing markets for Real Estate Investment.

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